Shiver 2014


 What is SHIVER?

SHIVER is Indian Paranormal Society’s unique EVENT that would make your irrational fear about Ghosts and Spirit go away forever! A unique concept that is not only entertaining but also educative. Come Join us to witness and uncover plethora of mysteries that surround us.

Haunting: Australia

Haunting: Australia a super-hit paranormal investigation show airs on SyFy Australia and other countries. it features IPS Founder Rev. Gaurav Tiwari with other 5 best ghost hunters in the world to explore the most menacing and haunted locations of Australia.

True paranormal researcher

paranormal phenomena

What it takes you to be true paranormal researcher? Learn what are the most basic things that you need to be aware of being a true paranormal enthusiast or researcher. Rev. Gaurav Tiwari discusses a few things that might open eyes for many serious researchers who have been seeking to know the reality of afterlife.

Ghosts and Haunting!

Do you think Ghosts and Spirits are just a product of human imagination? Rev. Gaurav Tiwari discusses on  how to understand Spirits and Ghosts, and whether they could exist in this physical world of hatred, lust, emotions, and reality?