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  • Advance Metaphysical Concept is a Detailed course module for our PPIs.  This course needs practical approach to adapt the advance knowledge into the field of Metaphysical Science.  Our Advanced PPIs are our Metaphysicist who are trained in a professional way to help, educate, understand, and understand to help their clients who need metaphysical assistence.


    Fees: Rs. 10,000/-

    This course is for the people who want to become Paranormal Investigators for Indian Paranormal Society on a casual level. That means they can continue to become individual investigators with a recognition and learning from Indian Paranormal Society. They will have to pay fees of 1,500 Rs. Per annum from the second year of joining in order to remain our certified members.

    What You Get?

    -          Indian Paranormal Society Investigator Certification.

    -          Orientation Course in Scientific Paranormal Investigation.

    -          I-Card, Certificate, Software.

    -          1 Year of Free membership.

    -          Discounts on our organized events.

    This Course Includes subjects like:

    -          Basics of Paranormal Investigation.

    -          Types of Spirits and their Characteristics.

    -          Types of Manifestation and Haunting.

    -          How to determine a haunting.

    -          How to take EVPs

    -          How to photograph spirits?

    -          Orbs analysis techniques

    -          Investigation techniques

    -          Electronic equipments and their use.

    -          Client dealing techniques.

    -          How to resolve a Haunting?

    -          How to analyze evidence?

    -          How to help people and spirits.

    -           Etc.

    Study Mode: Online

    Time Limit: Study at your own pace. (Usually 2-3 months)


    Just like you, many others wonder whether the world of Spirits and Ghosts ever exists. But if it doesn't exist, how are those stories born?

    Many people also think that Science doesn't allow room of such paranormal existence. But the right question to ask ourself

    is:  has Main-stream science really found out about our mind and existence? I leave that on you to answer!


    What are Professional Paranormal Investigators?

    A professional Paranormal Investigator is a professional, organized, Self sufficient and Self responsible individual who is qualified to perform a high

    standard scientific paranormal investigation. They are also trained in Client/Media dealing, Paranormal photography, Spirit Communication, Investigative Equipments,

    and Evidence Collection & Analysis techniques. PPIs are NOT Ghost Hunters! They respect themselves, their clients & their property and they also respect Spirits/Ghosts.

    PPIs help their clients and investigate in order to resolve any kind of trouble,  Natural or Spiritual. Ghost Hunting is for beginners who take fun collecting pictures and EVPs or

    play around in a haunted location.  PPIs are more professional and strive to contribute to the field of ongoing Paranormal Research.

    Being a paranormal investigator is just not a label  to be called 'brave' but it is beneficial to the people who really are in problem and seek help from the brave people like you.

    Total Course Fees: 45,000/-

    Most of our PPIs have made a great name in the field of paranormal research.

    *Limited Availability*

    Contact:  to enroll yourself.  Or Call:  IPS METAPHYSICAL CENTER : 011-42332182


    Gaurav Tiwari, Founder of IPS and GRIP, discussing about Paranormal Investigation.


    *Conditions apply

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