Indian Paranormal Society’s event SHIVER Held in New Delhi-29th June 2014 With Shibani Kashyap and Minister Giriraj Singh (BJP)


     Some Paranormal Gyan 

Evil Ghosts of Indian Society

(By- Reverend Gaurav Tiwari)


India is one of the oldest countries where the belief in Spirituality started, and flourished towards the west. There have been many great spiritualists from India, like Swami Vivekananda, who have taught the world a new way to live, with the knowledge in spirituality. The belief in spirituality is spread all across the globe. There are believers in every country, who believe that there exists a world other than physical. Different countries of the world have different beliefs and stories about spirits and ghosts. But it all boils down to a fact that ghosts are considered as evil entities in most of the societies of the world.

In Indian society too, ghosts are mostly considered as evil entities. Not because they are, but because the modern education system only teaches us not to believe in ghosts, and religion teaches us to believe in ghosts, and consider them as evil. We are the people stuck between the education, and the religion.  They both are extremes, and we don’t have a

Kiradu Temple Investigation


The Kiradu temples are located at about 35 km from Barmer and 157 km from Jaisalmer in a town situated in Thar desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan.There are five temples in all and most remarkable of them is Someshvara Temple .These temples feature impressive sculpture and a Solanki style of architecture.

Shiver 2014


 What is SHIVER?

SHIVER is Indian Paranormal Society’s unique EVENT that would make your irrational fear about Ghosts and Spirit go away forever! A unique concept that is not only entertaining but also educative. Come Join us to witness and uncover plethora of mysteries that surround us.